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Rauchbier Festival 2022

What's Pouring On The Day?

Project Badass - Smoked Pineapple NEIPA - 7.1%

Our smoke-inspired brew uses the base of our most popular New England IPAs and we generated the smokey character by adding a whole field of freshly smoked pineapple during secondary fermentation. Generous additions of BRU-1 enhance the sweet pineapple flavours and complement the thick, juicy mouthfeel.

Ticket To Midnight - West Coast IPA - 7%

This West Coast IPA is a beast that has devoured enough old school and new school hops that it’s reachin’ overload and exploding with dank flavours of pine and resin with refreshing notes of orange and stone fruit from the late addition of Vic Secret, Simcoe and Idaho-7 in the dry hop. Consider this beer your one way ticket to midnight, where you are higher than high and feelin’ just right.


Smoke Em If Ya Got Em - Smoked Helles - 4.5%

We took a very traditional approach here - we know boring……. But we have always wanted to brew a Smoked Helles so when told about a festival of smoke we knew exactly what we were brewing. All German hops, Weyermann Floor malted Bo pils, Weyermann Beachwood Smoked malt, German lager yeast & then a cool 10 week lagering. The Result, a delightful crisp very moreish smoke kissed lager. 

Cake Eater Citra & Mosaic - DDH Oat Cream DIPA - 8%

Our favourite & most sought after series is Definitely Cake Eater so what better beer & hop combo is there to kick it with some of the best? 

With loads of Citra & Mosaic, Enough oats to make Uncle Toby Jealous & a sprinkling of Lactose she's Soft, Lucious, Smooth & punchy hop juice.

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Second Hand Smoke - Cherrywood Smoked Schwarzbier - 4.8%

A cherry wood smoked schwarzbier lightest dark beer going around, light roasted flavour with very clean and nuanced hints of caramel and light wafts of coffee and smoke on the nose.

The 86 - Hazy IPA - 6.2%

The first beer we brewed at the incubator and now the first ever in our ‘freshly hatched’ series to be released, a limited series of incubator beers that ‘hatch & emerge’ into the wider world in 500ml stovepipe cans. Sometimes it’s a hazy ride on the 86 tram line.The beer named after the tram passes right past our Collingwood brewery. This IPA shows soft juicy aromas of pine, papaya and citrus fruits. Hazy in appearance but smooth on the palate, due to liberal use delicious wheat and oats. DDH with Mosaic, Simcoe & Galaxy.

Smoke & Fire - Mānuka Smoked Peanut Butter Chilli Stout - 11.5%

Walk with us through the fire. This very special brew takes inspiration from Fix & Fogg’s cult Smoke & Fire peanut butter - then turns up the heat. The result is a decadently rich Imperial Stout brewed with over 50% fresh manuka smoked malt, and a wholly unrestrained addition of fiery habanero chillies and roasted peanuts culminating in a pitch black brew packing an intense hit of heat, smoke and malty, peanut butter sweetness. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Warning - contains peanuts, 50% smoked malt and all the habaneros.

Mecha Hop Singularity Centennial - Mechanised Single Variety American Pale Ale - 6%

Mechanised single hop pale ale, each unit in the series equipped with every possible preparation of a single variety of H. lupulus, using targeted additions of T90 pellet, cryo, extracts and oils, from mash to finished beer, to build layers of complexity and allow the perfect expression of varietal flavour. Now experience Centennial as you never have before. Gear up and hop on.

Rasselbock - Smoked Doppelbock - 8.5%

This mythological creature has the head and body of a lager and the antlers of woodfired smoke, balanced on the wings of lightly spiced aromatics. Notes of caramel and honey carry you high above the forest to soar like the Rasselbock.

Freak Of The Week 3 - Hazy IPA - 7%

Straight out of a sideshow menagerie, this freak began with Citra Incognito in the whirlpool. Citra LUPOMAX, Motueka and Talus were added in dry hop phase one, followed by Cryo Pop in phase two, resulting in a deeply complex hoppiness. It’s a chewy beast of citrus and sweet tropical fruit haze. 

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Polski Pivo - Grodziskie (Smoked Wheat Beer) - 4.5%

This one is a tip of the fedora from Ross, our head brewer, to the Republic Of Poland. The combination of the hops and 100% oaked smoked wheat makes Polski Pivo the smokiest of crushers. Sitting at a very manageable 4.5%, Polski Pivo brings the palić like a teenage backyard shed party. Get dymny!

Master of Kettles - 24hr Boil Barleywine - 16%

What happens when Hamish and Ross have a sleepover at the brewery? They go and brew a 24 hour boil, 16% English Style Barleywine....Using solely West Australian grown Barrett Burston Pale Malt, MOK spent the day and night boiling simultaneously in two kettles to create a sticky, raisin ladened beast of a beer. Roughly 2.2 tonnes of malt was used to create 4,000 litres of wort that spent 25 days in stainless before transferring to our foeder that held cognac in it's previous life. It then spent a further 60 days on oak to impart depth and ridiculous complexity. Sitting at just 10 IBU, Master Of Kettles is pure pound cake, fruit loaf and sticky date pudding. Prunes, dried fig and molasses coat the palate with ample warmth supplied from the sizable ABV. A sipper and one to savour, this beer truly is the reigning master of our brew kit and will be hard to knock off that perch! 

Morning Yearning - Smoked Baltic Porter with Coffee - 6.8%

A beer brewed for the inaugural Mountain Culture Rauchbier Festival. This smokey and chocolatey Baltic Porterhas been brewed on a base rich in Beechwood smoked malt and Kiwi speciality malts. It’s been cold fermented, naturally carbonated and conditioned on fresh smoked Australian grown almonds and coffee from our mates at The Little Marionette.

Modisch Marzen - Marzen - 5.1%

Quad step mash with dope as malts. Fermented cold and under pressure. Unfiltered and naturally carbonated. Just in time for autumn to roll in.

Ashes to Ashes - 7.5%

Ashes to Ashes is a study in the nuance and layering of smoke flavours in beer. It is comprised of three separate base beers and contains elements of smoked malt, smoke affected grapes and germinated, toasted Sydney Wattle Seed.

Village 2021 - 5.5%

Ale made with certified organic heritage malted barley, raw wheat and aged hops, all wholly grown in Australia. Brewed in Katoomba using an intensive turbid mash, extended three hour boil and cooled in copper coolship overnight exposed to the environs of the Blue Mountains world heritage site. Fermented and aged in oak without addition of yeast or bacteria. This 2021 blend is composed of three, 500 litre puncheons all one year of age.

Straight to the Poolroom - 5.6%

A young, more bitter, saison-inspired expression of our house culture made with organic grains: malted barley, chit malt, malted wheat and malted oats. It was hopped well with aged AU Summer hop flowers, fresh AU Pride of Ringwood and NZ motueka. After four months in bottle, it's a funky bitter number that reminds us a ton of the ales that got us into this style originating from Southern Belgium.

Organic Table Beer - 2.9%

Organic Table Beer is a low alcohol, highly drinkable house ale - 100% can & keg conditioned.

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