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Stay Tuned - NEIPA

Stay Tuned - NEIPA

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Do not adjust your sets - What you’re about to drink is 100% real.

Real innovation, that is!

We’re constantly tinkering with our recipes in the endless pursuit of perfect, and this beer represents a huge jump (hopefully) forward in the way we make our IPA’s. We’ve ramped up our wheat additions to 11 to make an extra hazy, extra silky smooth body and then rewritten the book on how we dry hop by reducing contact times with the hops and lowering the beer temperature at the time the dry hops are added to pump up the tropical juice and reduce any unwanted earthy or vegetal notes.

For us, this is a big deal but for you we’re hoping it’s another example of our premium NEIPA’s … maybe a little more juicy, lighter and smoother.

500mL | 8% ABV

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